Tyler Putnam


Shredding guitarist, powerhouse vocalist, and frontman.

Tyler gets into the music while singing and playing guitar.

The fifth Beatle, if he had been born 40 years earlier

By day, Tyler stands at the front of the classroom, igniting young minds with the language of music as a dedicated teacher. But as the final school bell rings, he transforms into a charismatic frontman, wielding his guitar and commanding the stage with the presence of a born entertainer. With soulful vocals that soar and fingers that effortlessly dance across the fretboard, Tyler weaves stories and melodies that captivate audiences far and wide. Whether strumming acoustic ballads or shredding electrifying solos, Tyler’s passion for music shines through in every note. From inspiring students to rocking crowds, this teacher-turned-rockstar proves that the power of music knows no bounds.