Zach Putnam


A powerhouse guitarist, powerful vocalist and power lifter. Unlimited Power!

Soft pink and baby blue water ripples together in a subtle texture.

“By day, Zach is the driving force behind the gym, sculpting bodies and inspiring fitness goals with the passion of a true coach. But when the final whistle blows, he trades his sweat-soaked towel for a guitar, stepping into the spotlight as a dynamic guitarist and vocalist. With vocals that soar and riffs that electrify, Zach channels his energy from the gym into the music, delivering performances that leave audiences breathless. They say ‘those who can’t do teach, and those who can’t teach teach gym’ but Zach defies that notion, proving that he can do both with unmatched dedication and skill. From pumping iron to shredding solos, Zach is the embodiment of strength and melody, proving that in the gym or on stage, he’s the ultimate powerhouse.”